My name is Faez Alidoosti. I am a 2D animation artist and cartoonist based in Toronto, Canada. I have been working in the North American animation industry since 2007 as an animator, designer and storyboard artist.

I founded Alfazed Studio.com to share my visual and media experiments with like-minded people around the world. I appreciate any public feedback, the exchange of ideas, the opportunity to meet new artists and I hope to inspire people to start (or re-start) drawing and painting. While I am at it, with a little luck, I'll keep selling some of my artwork as well.

I believe in a daily dose of drawing for my visual art as well as my media arts. It is not unlike the daily workout which is essential for any athlete. To that end, I continually work on my education and am proud to have graduated from the George Brown College illustration and cartooning program in 2017.

My prize-winning cartoons are exhibited in international cartoon festivals in Europe, Asia, and South America.

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